Snowboarding was my personal saving grace. Over the years I have come to acquire knowledge on snowboarding equipment, snowboarding tricks, snowboarding movies, different styles of snowboarding, and more. Life has become easier because of snowboarding and ironically is basically the same approach. From the deep powder blanketing the mountains in the Western/Central states to the East Coast aka Ice Coast, snowboarding in the United States has been quite the adventure, now I want to share it with you.

Think about it – when you are learning to snowboard, it’s the same as attempting to walk for the first time. You struggle, it’s aggravating but once you get it, well you never forget it. Finding an escape in snowboarding when I was 18, my father bought me my first setup, a Liquid board, Burton Freestyle bindings (black) and Columbia clothing, I had no idea what I was in store for.

I thank god everyday that my father got me that board because if I had rented equipment, I would definitely have given up on the first real attempt descending the entire hill. Starting out in the Poconos, I was lucky enough to have a bunch of friends who were excellent snowboarders, passionate about the sport and eager to teach me. My only problem snowboarding with them, I felt terrible making them wait.

Over the years I have grown as a snowboarder and as a person. Snowboarding has allowed me to overcome difficulties in my life, tough times and achieve a level of confidence I never would have reached otherwise. Moving out to Colorado for a year, I pursued a degree in Audiology, however the main reason I went there was to be closer to snowboarding. Growing up on the East Coast the snow only came for a few months out of the year, I wanted more, whether or not I could snowboard every day was not the issue. Actually I just wanted to be able to go if I needed to.

I’ve had my share of narly spills while snowboarding. Within this site I will share stories, photos, adventures and more that I have had over the years thanks to snowboarding. Also the site is open for your comments, feedback and general inquiries on the sport. Snowboarding is a unique sport. Yeah I guess there is crappy equipment vs good equipment, great places to shred or messy mountains, hip gear and lame gear, but at the end of the day, snowboarding is unique for every rider. One guy might like Burton, another might like Ride, or perhaps the sexy swivel that define Lib Tech. My point is this – snowboarding is all about being comfortable with your board, having confidence in your ability and living life one trail at a time. Why not have a site where the sport of snowboarding can come and discuss what works and what doesn’t? That’s how I came into snowboarding and hey it turned out to be the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

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