I will admit, I kinda have this insane love for snowboarding, sometimes I dress up… in the summer!

Ask anyone, I have an insane love for snowboarding and it is just getting worse. Honestly, if you ride, you may understand where my love for snowboarding comes from. But if not, I don’t really care! Recently I was told if I said one more thing about my love for snowboarding or the sport I would get punched in the face. Yeah, atrocious right? But hey you have to understand my love for snowboarding really lies in the fact that it is the only thing in my life that I can do where people cannot boss me around. Unfortunately I have to respect mother nature and wait for her to decided on when it snows, but hey good things come to those who wait right? The last few years my knee has gotten in the way of my shredding and it sucks.

Every other word that comes out of my mouth is snowboarding.

Back in 2003 my first trip to Camelback Mountain in the Poconos, really opened my entire world. I love snowboarding because it set me free. Later on during a tough time in my life the only thing I knew was that snowboarding made me happy, I could count on it and if I was to get anywhere in life I would have to follow my heart. Since both my mind and my heart agreed they both love snowboarding, I decided Colorado seemed a logical choice to spend some time away from the mess that had become my life.

University of Northern Colorado, great speech pathology school, terrible location. Before telling them that you love snowboarding, take a ride to the mountains yourself from the school. For me and my buddy AJ we thought it was right around the corner (like an hour at most) yeah not so much. About 2 and a half hours from Breck and Keystone, I strongly recommend anywhere but Greeley.

Anyways I am so pumped about this part time job with Alpine Chalets. Things in life are really shaping up and I gotta be honest, I feel because I love snowboarding so much, it has always given me something to rely on. Finally also I feel like physically I am ready to ride and overcome the knee injury that really put me on my buttocks. But hey that’s a whole other story. Love snowboarding, live snowboarding, cant wait to work in the field again!!!

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