Alpine Chalets has been established to represent the interests of all accommodation providers in the Australian snow region. Our stakeholders include ski resort operators, tour operators, accommodation and transport owners and the broader communities of the Australian Alps.

Alpine Chalets’ purpose is to encourage visitation to the Australian snow fields by highlighting the many winter adventures, activities and services available as well as interfacing with the activities of other tourism bodies including Tourism Australia, Tourism NSW, and Tourism Victoria, Regional Tourism Organisations, National Parks and other, smaller tourism organisations.

For most of these organisations the Australian Alps forms only one segment of a broader desire to increase visitation to their state, or to Australia as a whole. In this context, Alpine Chalets is effectively a sub-segment within the Australian Alps segment the appeal of the alpine snow being only one aspect, albeit a very unique aspect, of a magical landscape which also includes the mythology of the region, the historic towns and vineyards, and summer based outdoor activities.